A Quick Transformation

Sometimes I get caught up in the idea that everything I post here needs to be perfectly photographed and styled, and if it’s not, it’s not even worth posting. But today I wanted to try to get past that by sharing a fast mini room makeover. There was no styling, and I took all of the photos with my phone really quickly just so I could share a bit of what I’ve been up to lately.
Mid-century modern dresser before and after
I felt like a designer on Trading Spaces, because I think they successfully demonstrate that a bit of paint and elbow grease can make a big difference in a space for not much money. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect all the time, but if it looks better than it started, then that’s a win!
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Breakfast Nook Makeover Progress: Paint, Fabric and Light Update

Since the last update on my breakfast nook makeover, I’ve made a bunch of progress! Fairly subtle progress, but it was stuff that needed to get done before the project is finished. I did some painting, picked out fabric for the cushions, and found a new shade for the light. Oh, and re-styled the shelves a bit.
Breakfast nook makeover
There’s still a bit to do, but I’m really loving how it’s turning out so far!
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My Top 5 Easy Plants That Beginners (Probably) Won’t Kill

The other day a friend said she wanted to start growing houseplants, but asked if there were any easy plants that I recommend she start with. After thinking about it, I realized that I have a top 5 list of plants that are super easy for a beginner to keep alive. Even if you’re an experienced indoor gardener, this is a useful list for those tricky spots in your house that don’t get good light, or are a pain to water. Trying to start an indoor garden? These 5 easy plants are difficult to kill, and perfect for beginners! #plants #houseplants

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Weekend Inspiration

Houseplant in front of dark blue walls

There’s a watermelon on my kitchen counter and basil growing in my garden, so obviously the universe wants me to try these watermelon basil margaritas this weekend, right?

Need to frame a canvas? This floating-frame tutorial shows you how to do just that.

I recently got this little clip-on lens set for my phone, and it’s super fun! I went around taking macro photos of every flower in my yard, and my cats until they lost patience with me.

This DIY candleholder is super stylish, with a definite Scandinavian vibe. Definitely going on my to-make list!

Flattered that I ended up on a list of Top 100 Women Bloggers into Power Tools. Maybe I should buy another power tool to celebrate? 😉

Learn how to turn a little basket into a purse with this tutorial. So cute!

Daybeds can be expensive, but they’re much more affordable (and totally customizable) if you build one yourself.

Writing this article about how to throw an amazing backyard movie night made me want to try it myself.

Make Your Own DIY Tortoiseshell Hoop Earrings

A few months ago I made several pairs of tortoiseshell earrings, and I’m still very into the pattern. It’s a classic for a reason! I’ve been wearing my DIY earrings a lot this summer. But this time around I have an even easier version. These DIY tortoiseshell hoop earrings will take you less than 5 minutes to make, and I even have a discount code for the supplies, so you have no excuse not to whip up a pair in every color and style.
Make your own DIY tortoiseshell hoop earrings with these easy instructions.  It will only take you a few minutes to make classic accessories you'll wear over and over.  #DIY #jewelry

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June Favorites

June, almost over? Inconceivable!

(“I do not think that word means what you think it means.”)

A lot of things have happened this month that I would have thought were inconceivable, in both my personal life and in the wider world. I don’t want to violate my family members’ privacy, so I can’t go into some of the personal stuff, but it’s really hard. Sorry to be vague. I can share that my parents’ house (the house I grew up in) almost burned down and is unlivable–luckily they have good insurance and have a nice place to live while their house is fixed. That actually happened back in May, literally on Mother’s Day, but I don’t think I ever talked about it here. No one was hurt, though, and nothing irreplaceable was destroyed, so as far as house fires go, it could have been a lot worse.

Now that I write this out, I see that no wonder I feel like my creativity has been sapped lately. I’ve seen other people say the same thing based on the things going on in the US, and I’ve noticed sites like Craftgawker struggling to post the same volume of projects. Maybe everyone is just away on summer vacation, but it seems like it’s more than that. What do you think, has your creativity been affected by the state of the world these days?

Sorry to be a downer. Despite everything, here are some good things that I have managed to find about June!


In June I updated a side table with spray paint, and I love how it turned out.

In the past couple of weeks I started my breakfast nook makeover, and so far I’ve added floating shelves and a mini gallery wall (with sources for free printable art.) Next up is lighting and cushions!


Last night I watched Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix special, Nanette, and if you haven’t watched it yet, you should. I laughed, but I think maybe I cried more. Weird for a stand-up special, right? But she spoke truth in such a heartbreakingly beautiful way that it’s a must-watch.

I’ve also been watching a ton of old Trading Spaces episodes, and binged the second season of Queer Eye. I never watched the original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and based on the title and popular reaction to it, I think I assumed it was a show for straight men. But Queer Eye is so good, and has real potential to change peoples’ minds about people who are different than them. I’ve cried multiple times while watching it. Other than The Great British Baking Show, I don’t watch any other reality TV. I watch plenty of fictional drama, but I’ve realized that the only reality TV I like is the kind where people are nice and help one another. That rules out a lot of shows.


I’ve been writing a bunch of articles for Curbly this month, which is fun, because I get to write about stuff I don’t cover here. I definitely need to try some of those cold-brew coffee recipes soon!

How To Keep Your Garden Watered While You’re On Summer Vacation

10 Supremely Sippable Cold Brew Coffee Recipes to Try This Summer

Why and How I Never Check Luggage, Even for International Trips

What Should You Do This Month? Throw a Backyard Solstice Party to Celebrate the Start of Summer

My Weirdest Laundry Tip, Straight From the Auto Repair Shop

Inspired By

This table is one of the coolest DIY projects/Ikea hacks I’ve seen in a long time.

Learn how to make easy, inexpensive window boxes with this tutorial.

This nature art by Jill Bliss is gorgeous.