Log Lady

Log Lady

One of the most important criteria we had when looking for an apartment in Cambridge was that it not be new construction. Steven and I both love the character and charm of old buildings, especially of the pre-war variety. We managed to find one with lovely moldings and pretty lead glass windows. The only problem is that those windows are rather leaky. This would be a lot worse if we had to pay for our own heat, but fortunately it’s included in the rent and we can just crank up the ancient radiators to compensate. The window in the tiny kitchen, however, is especially bad, causing the room to be noticeably colder than the rest of the apartment. I think the previous residents just kept the blinds closed constantly to help block the cold air, but I wanted the natural light from the window, so I decided to make my own draft blocker.

It’s made from wood-print fabric that I’ve had in my stash for awhile, embellished with embroidered felt details and filled with rice. I just measured the window, figured out how wide I wanted it to be, then calculated the circumference of the cylinder. C = Pi*d, baby. I sewed up the cylinder by machine, then did the rest of the sewing by hand. It’s amazing with a difference it makes to the temperature of the room.

I needle-felted the nest and eggs a year or two ago and the little bird has been watching her nest on a shelf ever since. The log will make a good home for her, don’t you think?

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4 thoughts on “Log Lady

  1. I know the problem, living in an old building myself. I especially love my hardwood floor and the stained glass window in my kitchen door. But yeah, I have the same problem with my windows and your draft blocker is sooo charming. I like this design way better than the usual cats and dogs and maybe I should make one like that myself.

    1. Katerina, thank you! You should make one–it’s super easy (and can be quick, depending on how much detail you want to put into it).

      Your stained glass window sounds lovely, and yeah, wood floors are another great thing about old buildings. So much nicer than carpeting.

  2. This is so cute and creative! You should sell them 🙂 I would definitely buy one!
    I love seeing practical uses for adorable things.

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