Voting is Open

Voting is Open

“More polka-dots?” I hear you saying. I just couldn’t resist this dress at the thrift store, partly because it reminded me so strongly of these from Orla Kiely. Or at least it will hopefully resemble them, by the time I’m done with it.

Obviously it needs to be shorter and more fitted in the torso. It can’t be too fitted, though, because those buttons on the front? They’re totally fake. And while I guess I could make buttonholes, I’d rather not.

I put it on, marked the length I wanted it, then cut off the excess fabric. Then I took it in at the sides and hemmed the bottom.

This is what I have so far, and while it’s definitely an improvement, I think I need to fix the fit at the shoulders. There’s also the matter of the sleeves. I can’t decide what to do with them, so I’ll enlist your help. After looking at these photos I’m leaning towards the short sleeve option, but what do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Voting is Open

  1. I`d leave them long but shorten them just a bit as they are simply too long at the moment. I`d also take them in, for me they are too roomy as they are.

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