Bunnies and Birthdays

Bunnies and Birthdays

This weekend was a super busy one because Steven’s birthday was on Friday (also Earthday!). First I made him dinner and his favorite kind of cake, carrot. Since I don’t like carrot cake, this is a mini cake, only about 3 or 4 inches wide. I halved the recipe and baked the batter in little ceramic ramekins, then stacked them to make a two layer cake, and made cupcakes out of the rest. He said it was delicious.

The weather was super rainy on Saturday, so we pushed back our plans to go to Providence, and instead drove up to Funspot, in Laconia, New Hampshire. It’s an arcade/indoor mini-golf/bowling alley that I’m sure was built to provide rainy-day activities for summer visitors to the nearby lake. The indoor mini-golf course looked terrible, like they put no effort into it at all. But the biggest draw for Steven (aside from the fact that he loves arcades), is that it’s home to the Museum of Classic Games, which holds tons of old and rare games that you can play for a quarter each. $20 worth of quarters provides hours of entertainment here, people. My favorite part was the air hockey. Pathetically, my arm is a little bit sore today.

On Sunday we headed to Providence, RI to walk around and check out the sights. Neither of us had ever been there, but we both thought it seemed like a nice, cute little college town. Our impressions were probably helped by the sunny, warm weather and all of the lovely flowering trees, which made great photo backdrops. The flowers on this tree even matched the ones on my dress.

Unfortunately a lot of stuff was closed for Easter, but we found the perfect restaurant for lunch: The Duck and Bunny. Yep, it’s really called that, and it is adorable inside. Plus the bathroom has a Big Lebowski reference, and they make pretty good crepes.

I didn’t have any Easter candy, hunt for eggs, or do anything at all traditional, but it was a nice holiday weekend anyway.

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