Photo by Karla Z.

We won’t have any of the official wedding photos for awhile, but I thought I’d share some of the ones taken by family and friends. I figured I’d start with the sweet stuff.

As I’ve mentioned a few times, my sister Andrea made our cake. She spent several days in the kitchen, doing nothing but preparing different aspects of it. Day one was baking, day two was the fillings, and day three was assembly and frosting. All of her hard work paid off in the end, because it was beautiful and delicious. The cake itself was lemon buttermilk, with swiss meringue buttercream frosting and alternating layers of raspberry and lemon curd filling. There were three tiers, and each tier had four layers. On the first day she and my mom went out and bought all of the ingredients, including cake flour. She started mixing up the first batch of batter and realized that it had a weird fluffy consistency, and then she tasted it and it was terrible. She went through all of her ingredients and realized that the “cake flour” that they had bought from bulk grocery store bins was actually baking soda. So that batch went down the drain. Luckily she discovered the problem early, and most of the rest of the baking went smoothly. I don’t know how I can thank her enough for all of the work she put into the cake. If there’s one thing getting married has taught me, it’s that I have some great family.

I made the flowers on the cake using gum paste (it’s edible!), and flower molds. They were pretty time-consuming, but they turned out well, if I do say so myself. My dad made the log cake-stand from a piece of a maple tree he had already cut down in their back yard.

Peaking out from behind the cake are Voodoo Donuts that friends and family brought for us.

I had to make myself a little donut sampler plate to try a couple different flavors. I think it’s allowed when you’re the bride.

Not my plate, but isn’t it pretty?

Have I made you hungry yet?

Except for the first one, taken by our friend Karla, the rest of the pictures were taken by my friend Megan. She posts lots of pretty photos on her blog and flickr.

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