Cat, I’m a kitty cat

This weekend we went to NYC, where we did all sorts of fun things. Among them was visiting Artists and Fleas, where I found this lovely dress from Cora. It was really the print that got me, I guess because I’m a cat lady at heart. In case you can’t tell, it’s little cats playing with yarn. It’s a super comfortable dress, though, and I can see myself wearing it a lot before the summer is over.

I’ve been meaning to show off my nailpolish, but I didn’t manage a picture until it was all chipped to hell. Which wasn’t long, because this stuff is NOT durable, even with a topcoat. Oh well, I actually like the look of super chipped nailpolish, strangely enough. Although I wouldn’t recommend it for durability, the neon color is pretty fantastically bright and vibrant in person, and for $1.99 per bottle you really can’t go too wrong. It’s by Sinful Colors, and the color name is ironically “24/7.” It actually dries matte, but the topcoat that was supposed to protect it from chipping is shiny.

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8 thoughts on “Cat, I’m a kitty cat

    • Monique, thank you! There is some really great stuff at Artists and Fleas, though this is the first time I’ve bought anything there. Surely not the last, though!

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