The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

I really should take more pictures outdoors, shouldn’t I? They’re always so much better than the indoor shots. The problem is that I have no dedicated photographer, and I’m shy about setting up a tripod outdoors to photograph myself with other people around. If I had a yard it would be perfect, but alas, I don’t. Anyone else have this problem? How did you solve it?

By the way, this outfit was highly influenced by a couple of the girls from this edition of Sunday Street Style.

Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Target
And now, a rant:
These Target sandals look almost identical to the Dolce Vita ones I wore in this post. Why would I buy two pairs of shoes that are almost exactly the same? Because the expensive Dolce Vita ones fell apart after only three wears. The glue holding the leather straps together gave out, clearly caused by defective worksmanship or materials. I contacted the company and politely and clearly explained the situation, expecting them to offer me SOMETHING even though it had been over a year since I bought the shoes, and they said there was “nothing that they could do.” Which is total bullshit, but my only redress was to 1) write bad reviews on every site that sells the shoes (done), 2) buy the Target knockoffs, which I got on sale for only $20 and seem to be far better made, and 3) vow to never buy Dolce Vita shoes again. Which is too bad, because I like a lot of their styles, but a company that makes overpriced shoes and then won’t stand behind their defective product is definitely never getting my money again. I highly recommend the Target knockoffs, though.

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4 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors

  1. I LOVE taget shoes! I almost shelled out $80 for a pair of gladiator sandals last year at Nordstroms and but instead found an identical pair at target for $15…the target ones have withstood two summers of almost constant wear too…awesome : )

  2. Disappointing when a company doesn’t stand behind their product. Good for you for finding an alternative. Looks like a nice park near you; the pictures outside are very nice. A cute outfit also. Love, Mom

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