Imaginary Outfit

Imaginary Outfit

Here’s the imaginary outfit I would buy if I got to go on an imaginary shopping spree. Except that I probably wouldn’t actually buy that belt, because even on sale, that’s a ridiculous price for a belt. I’m not about to spend that much even for pretend. Those shoes are another story, though, and the purse is not just a regular purse, it’s a camera bag purse. Which probably means that the strap will not break from carrying around a heavy camera, which is what happened to my most-used purse. The moral of that story is, don’t buy a purse from H&M, use it every day, and expect it to function as a camera bag.

Imaginary outfit

1. Earrings: Because come on, they’re cat earrings. You gotta keep things fun, even if you run the risk of being perceived as a crazy cat lady.
2. Belt: Already discussed the ridiculous price, but this outfit needed a bow belt and this fit the bill.
3. Bag: It’s a non-ugly camera bag, what blogstress doesn’t need one of those?
4. Dress: This dress is just adorable, and the mustard color is wonderful.
5. Necklace: Love the colors of this faceted necklace.
6. Shoes: I wish there was a picture of these that didn’t involve chopped-off legs, but these are actually the real reason I made this outfit. They’re sooo cute. And they’re flat, so they’re practical!

Oh P.S. WordPress just told me that this was my 400th post. So yay for that!

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