Pillars of Creation Pillows

Pillars of Creation Pillows

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my Etsy shop, Pillars of Creation, but I’m happy to announce that in addition to galaxy-print silk scarves, I’m also now selling nebula-print throw pillow covers. I currently have these three listed:

I’ll be making them in three more designs, too, which correspond to this, this, and this scarf.

You might notice that right now I have no pictures of the pillows on furniture, and this is something that I want to remedy as soon as possible! Unfortunately, right now my couch is in storage, and these pillows just wouldn’t look right on my parents’ overstuffed leather furniture. So if you are in the Portland area and have a stylish living room where I could take photos of my pillows, email me at transientexpression@gmail.com. I’ll give you a free pillow cover in exchange for furniture modeling!

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