Friday Favorites: Etsy Jewelry

Friday Favorites: Etsy Jewelry

Today I decided to start a new Friday column, where I share five favorite things. This week it’s five pieces of beautiful jewelry from makers on Etsy.

1. This Blue azurite ring. I’m mesmerized by the color of this stone, and I love how its rawness contrasts with the sterling silver.
azurite ring

2. These silver lingerie earrings. They’re delicate and unique and would look great with a topknot.
lingerie earrings

3. This rose gold arrow ring. Sweet and simple, as the description says, but I bet it would be a super versatile piece.
arrow ring

4. These herkimer diamond earrings. More love for raw stones and simple settings.
herkimer diamond earrings

5. This fail whale just makes me laugh. He looks so sad about his failure!
fail whale

Happy weekend! Hope you have great things planned!

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