DIY Inspiration: Concrete

Concrete is one of those materials that we see every day, so it’s easy to take it for granted. Most of us literally walk on it on a daily basis. But its DIY potential never struck me until recently, when I came across some cool concrete projects. Here are some of those projects, plus some beautiful concrete products that may help you reconsider the material beneath your feet.
concrete 3
1. Bedside lamp tutorial 2. Necklace 3. Stool tutorial 4. Tape dispenser 5. Ring 6. Pendant lamp tutorial 7. Planters tutorial
concrete 2
1. Bangle 2. Earrings 3. Soap dish 4. Candleholders tutorial 5. Wall hooks tutorial 6. Wall clock 7. Metallic candleholders tutorial

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    • Orah, have you made anything cool out of concrete? I’ve never used it, but I can’t wait to pick up a bag!

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