What I Wore: Throwback

What I Wore: Throwback

Lately I’ve been in a ’90s frame of mind. I was a teenager during that decade, and while I would never want to be a teen again, I definitely wouldn’t mind the return of some ’90s trends (record-low unemployment, grunge music, and riot-grrl culture all spring to mind). While helping my mom clean out her closet, I spotted this authentic ’90s vintage dress in her giveaway pile. I grabbed it to use as a potential Halloween costume, but then I tried it on. And I actually liked it. So now it’s a real part of my wardrobe. Back in the ’90s I also borrowed from my mom’s closet, so I guess some things never change. Sorry Mom!
8-23-13 outfit 1

8-23-13 outfit 3 8-23-13 outfit 2

Blazer: Gap
Dress: Vintage
Boots: Vintage

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