Links I Like

Links I Like

8-24-13 links

1. These ruffle zip pouches are super cute.
2. Make your own striped rug to dress up your entryway.
3. This raspberry and chocolate ripple semifreddo looks absolutely incredible.
4. This tutorial is in French, but the idea is clear: Use instant photos (or print out instagrams), and turn them into gift tags.
5. These cool cement brooches are a great reminder that I need to get my hands on some cement.
6. Contain your clutter and upgrade your space with these painted baskets.

I just started watching Orange is the New Black (have you seen it?), but judging by this interview, Natasha Lyonne seems like she’d be super entertaining to hang out with.

This post has me wanting to paint some walls black.

Speaking of black, I’m putting these boots on my autumn wishlist (although these are my holy grail).

Curly hair secrets revealed.

For the obsessive decorator: DIY stamped book covers.

Cat tee? Yes please! Worn with these pants, if you’re daring.


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