DIY Inspiration: Fancy Sweatshirts

DIY Inspiration: Fancy Sweatshirts

Remember the days when you only wore a sweatshirt to work out or schlub around the house? You wouldn’t want to sweat it out in these tops. Sweatshirts have gone upscale, with rich embellishments ranging from leather to jewels. And of course the prices have rocketed up to match. Luckily this is another trend that it’s totally possible to replicate yourself with a cheap sweatshirt and your choice of extras. Grab zippers, studs, leather, or jewels, and get busy!

fancy sweatshirts
1. Burberry leather sleeve sweatshirt 2. J Brand zipped shoulder sweatshirt 3. Splendid sequin sweatshirt 4. Lanvin paillette-embellished sweatshirt 5. Isabel Marant studded sweatshirt 6. J. Crew bib necklace sweatshirt 7. Maje jewel-embellished sweatshirt 8. Lot78 suede trimmed sweatshirt


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