Outfit Post: Seasonally Confused

Outfit Post: Seasonally Confused

While we were traveling, the seasons decided to change for real, meaning that I definitely didn’t pack enough sweaters. In New York it snowed a few days after we left, and back home in the Pacific Northwest, the winter drizzle started. Because we were on the road and overseas, the change kind of caught me off-guard, but I’m enjoying the misty mornings and moss everywhere. The super early darkness, however, does make it much more challenging to fit in photography. I’ve got projects that I need to photograph, but the light in the house just isn’t cooperating, and it’s too wet to work outside. It’s kind of throwing me off my blogging game. Currently I only use natural light for photos, but maybe there’s a good lighting set-up I just don’t know about. Anyone have any solutions? How do you deal with the lack of good light?

outfit: plaid + chambray outfit: plaid + chambray

outfit: plaid + chambray
Shirt: Target (similar)
Skirt: Bridge and Burn, thrifted (similar)
Boots: Acne
Tights: Target
Parka: Urban Outfitters (similar)

P.S. Sorry about all the cat butt in this post….

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6 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Seasonally Confused

    1. tnt521, thanks! I’m going to experiment with some lights, and I’ll share if I figure out any good solutions.

  1. Cat butt is a fine addition to any photo :-). My weaving guild just had a techno-color workshop just yesterday. Try ‘daylight’ labelled lamps mixed with ‘warm light’..

  2. Very sweet outfit…lighting is my struggle too. I have an eastern room with a skylight on the north ceiling. I get my best light inside in the morning. I have used ott lights too but never as good s the natural light…I came here hoping for THE answer! Love your blog!

    1. Thanks so much, Deborah! I’m going to play around with some lighting, and I’ll definitely share if I figure out a good setup. I dearly wish I had your skylights!

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