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Whew, what a week! When I haven’t been packing, I’ve been painting, and in any time left over I’ve been busy with practical things like buying appliances. Also, while packing I watched a livestream of my husband winning a BAFTA for his game in London, which is crazy. Right now a couple of these are sitting on our mantel, and they’re heavier than they look on TV! I guess he has a pretty good excuse for not being home to help me pack and paint. Unfortunately right now most of my crafting supplies are packed away, which is driving me slightly nuts. So I’ll just have to admire the work of other crafters and DIYers, and link you to their work. Hopefully I’ll be back to regular posting soon!

3-15-14 links
1. Wow, this faux malachite table is stunning!
2. If I could keep an air plant alive, I’d make one of these adorable little air plant pots.
3. Embellish a tote bag with free arrow stencils.
4. This DIY wood slice mirror has tons of rustic charm.
5. This marbling looks gorgeous.

Ever wanted to add metal gilding, leafing or foil to an object? This information-packed post has all you need to know about using those products.

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2 thoughts on “Links I Like

  1. Oh my gosh, congratulations to your husband! That’s amazing…and I suppose good reason to not pack! And the marbling is so cool…something I have done in the pass, and this is making me want to try again. Very cool round-up.

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