Living & Dining Rooms Post-Paint

Living & Dining Rooms Post-Paint

Last week I finished painting my living and dining rooms, and I love how they turned out. The before, with light avocado green paint, is here, and here’s the after:
living room after 1
living room after 3
living room after 4
What a difference a little (okay, a lot) of paint can make, right? It totally changes the whole mood of the room, and makes the white moldings really stand out. It’s two coats of Van Deusen Blue, by Benjamin Moore, in case you’re wondering. As for that gross ceiling fan, which you can still see in the above photos, I’ve since switched it out with a lovely fixture from Rejuvenation. Here’s a quick phone photo I snapped after I’d finished installing it. I was so pleased I’d manage to replace it without electrocuting myself that I couldn’t wait to share.
light fixture
Things are coming together on the house, and although I definitely want to repaint every room, I’ve done enough painting for now that I need to take a break and concentrate on everything else. Um, like moving in.

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