House Progress

House Progress

Every time I do a bunch of painting I end up declaring that I’m never painting anything EVER AGAIN. And then five hours later I start scheming which room to paint next. I guess eventually I’ll run out of rooms, but right now I’ve still got a couple of big ones that are totally untouched. When we moved in nearly every room was painted either green, or a pale yellow. Steven charitably describes it as “French vanilla,” but I don’t feel nearly so benevolent towards the color even though I know it could be a lot worse. I usually call it “gross yellow,” which, I admit, isn’t very creative. Behold, the bedroom that is now our guest room, covered in gross yellow:

guest room before

And I do mean covered–even the ceilings were painted this shade. So first we had to paint the ceilings (flat white, totally normal), and then we could tackle the walls. Which needed a ton of prep work, because whoever painted on that layer of gross yellow did a very sloppy job and left a lot of paint drips that needed to be chipped off or sanded down. But hey, it’s done now, and I think it looks a million times better.

guest room
It needs some more art on the walls, but the room is definitely coming together.
guest room
The color is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, and I’m very happy with it. It looks very different depending on the lighting in the room, but it’s a great neutral.

guest room guest room

guest room

guest room

Most of the stuff in the room is either vintage, or several years old, but here’s a rundown if you’re curious.

Paint: Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore
Console/bookcase: West Elm
Bed: Local store
Educational chart: Vintage
Typewriter: Vintage–found on the streets of San Francisco!
Plaid blanket: Vintage
Red folding chair: Ikea
Candles: Made by me (tutorial here)
Houndstooth pillow: Made by me
Blanket and tiger pillow: Both old, from Urban Outfitters
Terrarium: Gift
Fan: Vintage
Mirror: Vintage

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