Photo Finish | 15 August 2014

Last weekend we tried to go camping at the coast…and totally failed. All of the campgrounds were full, which is kind of what we should have expected on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of the summer. So instead we just spent the afternoon at the coast. Although we didn’t get to sleep in the great outdoors, we still had a lovely little visit to the ocean.
8-15-14 PF 4
8-15-14 PF 5This week I finally found the perfect hanging rattan chair. I’ve wanted one ever since I was little, when I used to sit in the one my grandparents in Michigan had hanging in their mid-century modern house. (My grandma still has it, it just hangs in her Arizona pueblo-style house these days.) When I saw a cheap one pop up on craigslist, I was excited to go see it, but I brought Steven with me, and when he sat in it, it was obvious that it was too small for his tall frame. I told the seller the problem, and he told us that there was a bigger one at a local vintage store in town. So I headed over to the shop (Red Snapper) the next day, and immediately bought it. Now we just have to hang it up.
8-15-14 PF 1
I also want to make a cushion for it, and I was thinking that Pendleton fabric would look really good. So I took the opportunity to visit the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store for the first time. They had a great selection of fabric, and I found the perfect wool for a cushion. These are opposite sides of the fabric I bought. I can’t decide whether to use only the black background, or do one side with the black side and the other with the tan side.
8-15-14 PF 3Speaking of cushions, I bleached out another piece of denim, and made a third pillow for my set. For this one I bound it with string to get a striped effect, and though it took a couple of rounds of bleaching to get it right, I really like the end result.
8-15-14 PF 2
The latest issue of Bust showed up in my mailbox recently, and I was excited when I opened it up and found a feature about video games that included a write-up of the game my husband made (Gone Home). I’ve been a big fan of Bust for a long time, plus the game is in the same issue as Carrie Brownstein, who is also awesome. Today is the one year anniversary of the game’s release, so we had to go out and celebrate just a little.
8-15-14 PF 6

This weekend I’m going to try a yoga for beginners class, and go see Backfence PDX. Anybody else have any exciting plans? Whatever you do, I hope it’s great!

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