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I know, I’m a day late with the links. Yesterday’s post completely got away from me because I was doing the most boring (but ultimately, satisfying) thing ever: Cleaning the hell out of our house. It’s been a mess ever since we started working on our kitchen. There was a ton of dust from all of the floor sanding, and tools laying willy-nilly everywhere. But we finally got everything all tidied up just in time for a visit from a friend, and it feels (and looks) really good. Of course I’m sure we’ll mess it up again soon, but hopefully not too badly. Anyway, on to the late links!
10-25-15 links
1. Protect your tablet with this felt and leather case.
2. Make this cute metal house shelf/basket to organize your stuff.
3. This wine coffin is clearly the best way to gift someone a bottle of wine for Halloween.
4. Did you know you can stamp with leaves? Such a neat effect!
5. There’s still time to decorate for Halloween if you make these¬†cement and copper pumpkin candle holders.
6. Store your wine in style with this leather strap wine rack.

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