Links I Like

I know, I’m a day late with the links. Yesterday’s post completely got away from me because I was doing the most boring (but ultimately, satisfying) thing ever: Cleaning the hell out of our house. It’s been a mess ever since we started working on our kitchen. There was a ton of dust from all of the floor sanding, and tools laying willy-nilly everywhere. But we finally got everything all tidied up just in time for a visit from a friend, and it feels (and looks) really good. Of course I’m sure we’ll mess it up again soon, but hopefully not too badly. Anyway, on to the late links!
10-25-15 links
1. Protect your tablet with this felt and leather case.
2. Make this cute metal house shelf/basket to organize your stuff.
3. This wine coffin is clearly the best way to gift someone a bottle of wine for Halloween.
4. Did you know you can stamp with leaves? Such a neat effect!
5. There’s still time to decorate for Halloween if you make these cement and copper pumpkin candle holders.
6. Store your wine in style with this leather strap wine rack.