12 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


12 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming up (Sunday, May 8, 2016) here in the US, do you know what you’re getting your mom? If you haven’t yet figured out a gift for your mom, there’s still plenty of time to make her one. Here are 12 DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas from my archives, and I’ll be sharing a couple more before the clock runs out.

12 DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Geode jewelry boxDIY geode jewelry box

Brass Tassel Earrings
DIY Brass Tassel Earrings

Reversible leather and felt coasters
leather coasters 5

Geometric gems
How to make DIY geometric gems

Agate Slice Vase
DIY agate slice vase

Marble and copper candleholders
DIY marble and copper candleholders

Eye magnets
DIY clay eye magnets

Beeswax taper candles
DIY beeswax taper candles

Exfoliating coffee mint soap
exfoliating coffee mint soap

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