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maidenhair fern

Happy Friday! I’ve been craving some outdoor activities lately, so I’m thinking of going on a hike in the woods this weekend. You wouldn’t believe how many waterfalls there are within an hour of my house, and I really have no excuse not to visit them more often. Oh wait, my excuse is that I’m busy working on projects at home, because there are too many awesome things to make! Here are a few I found this week.

Easy outdoor project alert: you can build this unique plant bench from a pallet.

My favorite room makeover I’ve seen recently.

The soft pastel colors of these DIY mini plaster planters are so lovely!

Even if you’re not camping this summer, pretend you are with this fun campfire candle.

This circular spiral weave looks really cool.

What I did this week: I made homemade mustards (and soft pretzels), and a triangle mirror to go with my triangle copper mobile.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Inspiration

  1. Thanks so much for sharing my spiral weave! What a great blog you have, I’m going to have to try that triangle mirror!

    • Kate, you’re welcome, and thank you! Your weaving tutorials are so inspiring and helpful, so I’m happy to share them 🙂

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