Kitchen Open Shelves Spring Re-Style

This weekend I decided that along with spring cleaning my plants, I should do some cleaning of the rest of my house. But do you know what’s more fun than cleaning? Anything. Re-styling your shelves! And that’s how I ended up giving my kitchen open shelves a little spring refresh.
Floating live-edge kitchen open shelves
If you want to see the original styling of the shelves after we first put them up, you can find that here, along with info about the hardware we used to hang the floating shelves.

Floating live-edge kitchen open shelves
The forced air heating in my house means that everything gets really dusty over the winter, including these shelves. Whenever kitchen open shelves appear on a site like Apartment Therapy, you can count on several critical comments about the potential dust. People get very judgmental about it. The dishes I use on a regular basis don’t sit around long enough to get dusty, and if I have to clean dust off of my decorative salad bowl before I occasionally, that’s fine with me. It’s really no big deal. I’ve been wiping down dust as I notice it, but this time I went for a clean sweep and took everything off of every shelf. And that’s when I decided to swap in some new stuff.
Floating live-edge kitchen open shelves

Nothing here is actually new, it’s all just stuff I had squirreled away or on display in other locations. Well, I guess the white planter on the top shelf is new, as in I bought it a few months ago. It’s actually a hexagon-shaped canister I found in the $3 section at the front of Target. It wasn’t intended for this use, but it makes a perfect cachepot for a plant.

Floating live-edge kitchen open shelves

That copper planter on the left is actually technically not a planter, either. I think maybe it’s supposed to be a candle holder, but I’m not sure, because I bought it at a thrift store. Anyway, the moral of the story is that you can turn any container into a plant holder if you want. Portlandia needs to update its “We can pickle that!” sketch to “We can plant in that!” starring me.


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