Weekend Inspiration

Funny story: As you might be able to tell from the above photo of my living room (and projects like geode jewelry boxes, framed rock art, mineral tote bags, soap rocks, and many others), I’m a big fan of rocks and crystals. When we were at the Sou’wester over Valentine’s Day, we chatted with a lady in the lodge who was working on an art installation. Days later, through Instagram posts, I realized that I already followed her on Instagram, and have a pair of gorgeous earrings that she made. Allison Jean Cole makes stunning, modern stone jewelry, and even her product descriptions are entertaining. Plus, she leads this ladies rockhounding camping trip which I had just read about and been telling my husband how fun it looks. Who wants to go hunt rocks in the wilderness with me this summer?

Some great tips for harvesting and arranging flowers that I’ve never seen before.

As someone switching to a vegan diet, these thoughts on 15 years of veganism are interesting.

Pink marble is the new white marble. Are you on board?

Ever wanted to try arm-knitting? This post has you covered.

Want to know how to get your houseplants ready for spring? I wrote up a guide for how to spring clean your plants.


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