Weekend Inspiration

Weekend Inspiration

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It’s been so hot here lately that this stock tank pool looks heavenly. Add one of these, or these hammocks and some frozen treats, and it sounds like the perfect summer backyard setup, doesn’t it?

What cute little DIY circle shelves. They look like they’d be great for plants.

Get your hair off your neck with a DIY hair stick barrette.

These vegan cinnamon rolls look amazing. (Don’t ever let anyone tell you that giving up animal products means no pastries or dessert.)

This pink record player is too adorable (and a great deal). I used the same one in white for my suitcase record player.

This Scandinavian-style garment rack is so stylish.

If you’re an unabashed plant lady like me (further proof from my monstera leaf earrings), this plant lady printable is a super cute way to own it!

I’m a big fan of these versatile sale sandals.

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