Choosing a Door Paint Color

Choosing a Door Paint Color

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might remember that back in early 2016, I gave my back stairs a major makeover. But I left the beat-up old wood door untouched. So to start 2018 out right, I want to paint the door. But the question is, what color do I go for? I photoshopped some color options to help me make up my mind. These aren’t the exact shades I’d use, but they’re close enough.
Choosing a door paint color

What do you think? Out of these, which color would you choose?

Here’s what the door looks like right now:back door

That isn’t the real before, though, the real before is this:

Back stairs before makeover

Ugh, it was SO BAD, right? I’m so glad that I did this makeover, and looking at this makes me feel much better about the current unsightly door situation, because it’s certainly still a big improvement. Am I the only one who loves looking at old pre-renovation photos of their home? It’s incredibly satisfying to be reminded of how far a space has come!

Back to the future door situation, I’m thinking that white would be nice and fresh, and it would go with the exterior of the house, which is yellow with white trim. But it’s the back door, and we want to change the color of the exterior someday, so I’m not too concerned right now with the optimal curb appeal. Plus, I think that any of these colors would look nice with the yellow. White would be pretty boring, though, which leaves me with pink, mint, or blue. Mint and pink were my idea, and Steven suggested the cobalt blue, but we agreed that we’re both leaning toward the same color at this point. Which would you choose? (Or would you suggest another color entirely?)

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