My Top 10 One Room Challenge Favorites of Spring 2018

My Top 10 One Room Challenge Favorites of Spring 2018

Do you follow the One Room Challenge? If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a twice-yearly event where bloggers take six weeks to makeover one room. The spring 2018 round just ended a couple of weeks ago. Any blogger can participate as a guest, which means there is tons of real-world design inspiration. I’m just getting around to checking out the finished rooms, and there were so many beautiful makeovers that it was hard to pick out just ten as my favorites. As far as my own projects go, I’m currently out of commission for a bit (more on that below), so I’m trying to use my downtime to gather up inspiration for future room makeovers.

Guest bedroom from My Pinecone Home – Simple and pretty, with just the right unexpected touches to keep it fresh.
One Room Challenge guest room from My Pinecone Home
Bathroom from Clark + Aldine – Love the graphic black and white tile, and that shower is a show-stopper.
One Room Challenge from Clark + Aldine

Office from Marilynn Taylor – Whoa, so much drama and color! Lots of amazing details here.
One Room Challenge office by Marilynn Taylor
Dining Room from Relative Renovations – The blue velvet banquette with those copper chairs is stunning!
One Room Challenge dining room from Relative RenovationsEntryway from Love Create Celebrate – What a gorgeous feature wall. 
One Room Challenge entryway from Love Create Celebrate

Guest bathroom from R and R at Home – A simple, but sweet little bathroom with nice details.

One Room Challenge by R and R at Home
Library/office from Deeply Southern Home – If you have the opportunity to have a library ladder in your home, you obviously have to seize it.
One Room Challenge by Deeply Southern Home
Laundry room from Organized Squirrel – If my laundry room was this pretty, maybe I wouldn’t procrastinate doing my laundry so much.
One Room Challenge laundry room by Organized Squirrel

Guest room from Eleven Houses – It sounds like nearly everything in this room was painted, so it’s a very strong testament to the power of paint!One Room Challenge from Eleven Houses
Bathroom from Southern Mesa Trading Co – The incredible wallpaper really makes the room!
One Room Challenge bathroom by Southern Mesa Trading Co

Friends and family have requested my help with some room designs in the next few months, and I have definitely seen some ideas in the rooms above that I might steal. I’d love to participate in the One Room Challenge someday, too.
How about you, did you see anything you’d like to try in your own home? Which rooms were your favorites?

If you’re wondering what I was referring to when I said I am down for the count right now, here’s the story: Some of you might remember this, but in September of 2014, I was in an accident where I broke 22 bones. With my husband on the back, I was driving my Vespa to meet friends for brunch on a beautiful Sunday morning, and a car blew through a red light. Thanks to a brain injury, I don’t remember the accident at all, but I’ve been dealing with the aftermath ever since.

The worst of it was my pelvis, which I broke in three places, and my kneecap, which I shattered into 11 pieces. My husband Steven and I both had surgeries to hold our bones together (he broke his femur, and got a titanium rod.) On Monday, I had one of the three seven-inch screws in my pelvis, and most of the metal in my kneecap, surgically removed. I’m supposed to stay in bed and keep my knee elevated as much as possible, so I’m pretty out of commission right now aside from slowly hobbling around my house while drugged up on painkillers. I forgot that one of the worst parts of recovering from surgery is not being able to work on the projects that I’d normally be making!
But one thing that this accident emphasized for me is that you should always keep in mind that as bad as things are, they could be worse. I’m super grateful that Steven and I both healed up without serious long-term problems, and that as much as laying around waiting for my incisions to heal sucks, at least surgery was an option. Hopefully in the long run it will lead to less pain in my leg.

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