Weekend Inspiration

Weekend Inspiration

yard trimmings bouquet
Happy Friday! As the weather gets warmer and the plants in my yard grow by leaps and bounds every day, I’ve been spending a lot of time planting, trimming, and pulling weeds. The bouquet above is actually one I put together from some plant clippings from my yard. So I’ll be doing some some more gardening this weekend, but I also have a few projects I want to share here soon that I need to finish up. I hope you have lovely weekend plans!

I think I’m going to make a vegan version of this asparagus mint hazelnut pizza¬†with asparagus from my garden this weekend. It might sound weird, but it’s super good!

This macrame rug project from the new book Modern Macrame has me definitely wanting to check out the book.

If it’s still cool enough to need a cardigan in your corner of the world, this slouchy cardigan looks like a fun pattern.

I really need to make one of these waterproof blankets for my next picnic.

This DIY layered glass wall art looks really cool, and like it would be fun and easy to make.

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