Bedroom Mood

Bedroom Mood

Have you ever made a mood/idea board for a room? I never had, but lately we’ve been trying to figure out how to decorate our house, and I’ve gotten really into interior design blogs. One blog in particular that I love is Emily Henderson’s. She’s obviously an amazing designer, and has such a fun, relatable voice, but what I appreciate the most about her blog is how she demystifies the design process with her makeover and design posts. Her post on designing for Snoop Dog at SXSW is a good (and ridiculous) example of what I mean. It might sound stupid, but I guess I kind of assumed that room designs sprang fully-formed out of the minds of interior designers, or that they just knew what looked good, and put it together by instinct. And maybe this is how some people work, but what I learned from Emily is that especially if you’re designing for other people, putting the elements of your room together on a board really helps everyone to picture how the room will work. While I’m designing for myself, Steven has to like everything, too.  This is especially true for the bedroom.

Before we even moved in, we started putting together our living and dining rooms. They’re the first rooms you see when you enter the house, so they were a priority. And then the guest room got a little love. Our bedroom, hidden upstairs, has been pretty neglected. Although I did give the gross walk-in closet a makeover with paint. I’ve been dying to repaint our bedroom, but it’s been way too hot up there, so I have to wait until the weather cools down. In the meantime, though, I made a little moodboard. And it helped so much! Sometimes it can be hard to visualize how things will go together, but having everything in one place makes it easy for both Steven and I to see what works and what doesn’t. And it helps to keep the design cohesive, in this case with lots of white/cream, brass, and bits of navy blue and pink. Anyway, here’s my moodboard for our bedroom.
bedroom moodboard
shibori pillow | schoolhouse electric sconce | vintage brass birds | modern simple bed |  round frameless mirror | sculpted drawer console | cable knit planter |  white nightstand | shag rugdo not disturb doorknob

Are we going to get everything on this board? Nope, probably not. Although I do have those exact vintage brass birds, I’m using my own faux shibori pillows. But it’s a great starting point.

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