DIY Inspiration: Colorful Faux Fur

DIY Inspiration: Colorful Faux Fur

Candy-colored faux fur has really caught my eyes these days. While faux fur is perfect for cozying up on cold days, it can also make a style statement in unexpected colors. The pastel shades look especially fun to me, maybe because they’re such a contrast to the usual darker winter colors we’re used to. Luckily, making your own wrap, collar, clutch, or scarf is totally doable, all you need is the right fabric. I even shared a faux fur collar tutorial a long time ago.

faux fur

1. Vanessa Jackman | 2. Shrimps clutch | 3. Shrimps collar 4. Whistles clutch 5. Whistles scarf 6. ASOS 7. Urban Outfitters coat

Edit: Just found another super cute example at Anthropologie!

If you’re looking for faux fur of your own, I highly recommend Fabric Depot in Portland, where I bought the faux for for this stool and pillow. They even have some of their selection online. This pink or this pink would be perfect for a cape or collar. also has a ton of faux fur online.

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