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Tutorial: Letters of Note Napkins

Have you heard of the site Letters of Note? It’s basically what it sounds like, interesting letters, some of them to or from people you might have heard of. Some are funny, others are poignant orĀ  sad, but they’re a pretty fascinating bunch for the most part. When I saw these literary napkins from Anthropologie, […]

DIY Inspiration

Getting Handy

Lately I’ve been living a super glamorous existence. I’ve been doing things like driving around in industrial areas, hoping to score. I spent much of this weekend in the garage, and I visited my local hardware store not once, but twice. Not surprisingly, none of this has done wonders for my manicure. Now before you […]


DIY Tiny Polymer Clay Plant Pots

I’m really a sucker for anything miniature. You know what’s cute? A horse. You know what’s even cuter? A miniature horse. Just try to deny it. You can’t. It’s scientifically proven. It’s also undeniable that these tiny little plant pots, complete with mini plants, are way cuter than full-size ones. They’re also super convenient, since […]

DIY Inspiration

Jewelry Organization

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out how to organize my jewelry and accessories. Right now everything is packed away in various boxes, and I’d like to find a semi-temporary solution so I can access everything again. This is tough, because I have quite a collection (mostly vintage, thrifted, or handmade), but if I can’t […]



Nothing seems to sap my blogging mojo like moving, but I’m trying to get back into the habit by tackling some projects I’ve been meaning to try. Most of my craft supplies are in storage indefinitely, so I decided to make a tabletop terrarium because I had everything on hand except for the container, which […]


DIY Recycled Sweater Pillow

One of my thriftstore obsessions is wool sweaters, especially the cashmere variety. I dream of finding a stash of $1 cashmere sweaters to either 1) wear, or 2) felt/full and repurpose. To that end, I bring you the sweater pillow project. Not to be confused with other types of sweater pillows.

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