10 Last-Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


10 Last-Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

When you have a busy life, it can be too easy for holidays like Mother’s Day to sneak up on you. You know it’s coming, but you think you have plenty of time, until suddenly it’s Friday and the holiday is on Sunday. I shared a couple of ideas recently (eye magnets and a striped succulent terrarium), but if your mom is the sort that appreciates a handmade gift more than one that you run out to the store and buy, here are some more ideas for gifts you can make before Mother’s Day on Sunday.

1. Cake stand
DIY cake stand
2. Geometric gem decor (additional shapes)
DIY geometric gem decor
3. Exfoliating coffee mint soap (or striped soap)
DIY coffee mint exfoliating soap
4. Peanut butter chocolate pretzel hearts
peanut butter chocolate pretzel hearts
5. Ladder necklace
DIY leather and chain ladder necklace
6. Reversible leather and felt coasters
DIY reversible leather and felt coasters
7. Tassel chain necklace
DIY tassel chain necklace
8. Geode box
DIY geode box
9.Leopard foldover clutch purse (or a leather version)
DIY foldover leopard clutch purse
10. Etched chevron vase
DIY etched chevron vase

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